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What An Auger Used For

The auger is used for digging post holes. Augers used for this purpose are known as earth augers. Like the utility auger, it can also be referred to by other common definitions such as the soil auger, the mechanized post hole digger, or the handheld power earth drill. The auger can also be turned manually as a handheld device. The machine is generally powered by an electric motor or internal combustion engine. In the agricultural sector, it is not unusual for this device to be attached to a tractor.

utility auger

In this scenario, the tractor’s engine provides the auger with its power. Handheld augers are popular on the smaller scale. They are used for making holes during common or garden planting processes as well as for the planting of smaller post holes. There are wood augers too. These have a screw attached. The screw pulls the auger into the wood, just like a gimlet. There is a cutting lip in place. This lip slices out the bottom of the hole. The auger bit is used in a brace. It also has cutting spurs. These are used to cut cleaner circles deeper than the lips are able to do.

Augers are used as special drilling rigs on construction sites. The process of digging holes is also referred to as augerating for deep foundation piles. The augers are also used for forming piling retaining walls. These can be constructed in a similar way to actual foundation piles. Augers are used by ice fishermen to drill holes into the ice. Augers are also used to drill into maple trees in order to extract the much loved maple syrup. It is hoped that the short bit of information provided so far has been delicious enough to help pique your interest in this tool.

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